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Our Beverages

Delicious drink from the Habesha culture

Habesh online prepares traditional drinks for different occasions. We offer traditional Habesha drinks such as Suwa and Mes too weddings, student parties, birthday parties and other events. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks. We accept orders of all sizes. The following lists consist of traditional Eritrean drinks such as cooked at home.

Beverage range

We deliver many different types of drinks and our range varies constant. Below are our permanent drinks, do not hesitate to hear of you if interested.

Habesha food

. AREKI From SEK 450


Habesha food

. SUWA From SEK 400


The national drinks are called suwa, a beer-like alcoholic beverage brewed from sorghum

Habesha food

. MES From SEK 150


Mes is a Habesha honey wine, similar to the ancient drink mead. This national drink, dating back thousands of years, is considered one of the world`s first fermented drinks. The taste is a combination of honey sweetness mixed with a mild acidity. Together, it creates a wonderfully balanced taste experience.